4 free agent moves from NFC West rivals that should terrify Seahawks fans

These moves only made Seattle's rivals better.

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DL Justin Jones

As the NFL offseason unfolds, the NFC West rivalry between the Seattle Seahawks and the Arizona Cardinals intensifies with each strategic move made by either team. While Seahawks fans might have focused on their team's efforts to protect quarterback Kyler Murray, there's another significant acquisition by their divisional adversary that should send shivers down their spines: the signing of nose tackle Justin Jones.

Jones's addition to the Cardinals' roster brings forth a potent threat that could disrupt Seattle's offensive schemes in the upcoming season. Known for his prowess as an interior pass rusher, Jones showcased his abilities during the previous season with the Chicago Bears, tallying an impressive 49 tackles and 4.5 sacks.

For Seahawks fans, the prospect of facing a rejuvenated Cardinals defense featuring a disruptive force like Jones should not be taken lightly. In today's NFL, generating pressure up the middle has become increasingly crucial in disrupting opposing offenses. With Jones anchoring the Cardinals' defensive line, Seahawks' offensive linemen will have their hands full trying to contain his disruptive presence. His ability to collapse the pocket and disrupt passing lanes could spell trouble for Seattle's passing game.

Beyond his pass-rushing prowess, Jones also adds solidity to the Cardinals' run defense. His presence in the trenches can clog running lanes and force ball carriers to alter their paths, potentially leading to negative plays for the Seahawks rushing attack. This could limit Seattle's offensive options and put more pressure on their passing game.

Jones's arrival in Arizona prompts the Seahawks coaching staff to reassess their game plan and make necessary adjustments. Whether it's devising new blocking schemes or implementing quick passing strategies to neutralize Jones's pass rush, Seattle must be proactive in finding ways to counter the threat he poses.

Beyond his on-field impact, Jones's signing also sends a message to the Seahawks and their fan base. It signifies the Cardinals' intent to bolster their roster and compete at the highest level within the division. For Seahawks fans, witnessing a key divisional rival strengthen their team can instill a sense of unease and fuel the intensity of the rivalry.

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