3 free agents who should love to play for Mike Macdonald and Seahawks in 2024

These player would help Seattle's defense be better.
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No. 3 - Safety Jordan Fuller

Fuller has far outplayed his draft selection. He was a sixth-round choice in 2020 but still started 12 games in his rookie season. Besides suffering an injury in 2022, Fuller has been a full-time starter for the Rams and has become a versatile safety but with one great super power. That is that Fuller is fantastic tackler who rarely misses.

In his last two full seasons (2021 and 2023), Fuller has missed just 15 tackle attempts while being in on 207. 12s likely still have PTSD from watching so many missed tackles by Seattle's secondary through 2023. Even before this season, however. tackling has been a wretched problem in Seattle and former head coach Pete Carroll seemed incapable of fixing the issue.

Many national pundits will say that tackling is not taught very much in the NFL and players are expected to know how to tackle when they enter the league. This makes sense to a degree because tackling drills start when a player is still involved in pee-wee football. But tackling issues can still be addressed in the NFL and the Seahawks have struggled more than most any other team with the issue. Either Seattle is drafting terrible tacklers or they just ignored the problem.

That won't happen with Macdonald's defense as his units are notorious for the ability to limit yards after first contact. Macdonald also likes playing with three safeties. We know Seattle will still have Julian Love and probably either Jamal Adams or Quandre Diggs. Adding Fuller to one of the other two should make Seattle's safety group very good. Fuller is expected to get a contract of around $4.5 million a season for two years.

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