Full 7-round Seattle Seahawks 2024 mock draft with Mike Macdonald as head coach

Seattle needs to fix its defense with the help of some of their 2024 draft picks.

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Seahawks sixth and seventh round selections

Seahawks draft linebacker Jaylan Ford with 194th overall pick

Another iffy position for Seattle. Every single proven linebacker is a free agent this offseason. That seemed like bad planning, didn't it? At least prior to the draft 12s will know if Seattle needs to take a linebacker to help the free agents they have signed or have an absolutely dire situation at the position. If the latter is true, forget Ford. Seattle will need to address the situation much higher in the draft.

Texas product Ford has good athleticism but not great. He will need to show he can offer Seattle something else in order to get lots of reps. He tackles well enough but does not have the outright speed to cover receivers overly well. He also might not have the burst to chase down NFL ball carriers in the open field.

Seattle takes quarterback Taulia Tagovailoa with 236th overall pick (seventh round)

Tagovailoa (the brother of Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, of course) was hoping to get another year to play in college but the NCAA denied his appeal. This forces him into the NFL draft where there is a decent chance he does not get taken at all. He is a different quarterback than his brother. Taulia is good on short passes but has nowhere near Tua's ability to throw the ball down the field with velocity and accuracy.

The former Maryland QB is smart, however, and that might be enough to land him as a backup on an NFL team or two for several years. He knows where the ball needs to go if he does not have the physical skill to always do that. In limited snaps in a conservative offense, he might do well, though.

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