Geno Smith gets good news from the Seahawks but these questions still exist

Smith's base salary for 2024 will be guaranteed.

Jennifer Stewart/GettyImages

The Seattle Seahawks had until Friday to make a decision on whether to guarantee Geno Smith's base salary of $12.7 million for 2024. According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, Seattle will guarantee that portion of Smith's contract. This does not mean that Smith is certain to be QB1 in Seattle next season, however.

In fact, even Schefter pointed that out in his tweet writing, "Now Geno Smith will represent a value to (the Seahawks) - or any other team that decides to reach out to see if it can acquire Smith via trade." Via trade is the key.

Seattle has a new head coach with Mike Macdonald but very little cap room and no second-round choice. A starting veteran quarterback of quality, which is what Smith is, making a base salary of $12.7 million is next to nothing. Smith will not be valued by other quarterback-needy teams simply because of his talent but because his contract is not overly weighty.

Seattle Seahawks guarantee Geno Smith's base salary for 2024

In fact, compare Geno Smith to former Seahawks QB (and current Denver Broncos player) Russell Wilson who has an immense contract, and Smith is by far the more viable option to trade for. Plus, Smith has been better than Wilson in the last two years. The question is whether Smith becomes a less likable option through trade than he would as a free agent.

Keeping Smith makes sense for Seattle, however. Again, he is not an expensive option. Should he still be with Seattle in 2024 then even including his potential roster bonuses he would only make $31.2 million. Most teams would be happy with paying that much on a great return at the most important position in football.

At least Smith must now know that head coach Macdonald and new offensive coordinator Ryan Grubb like what they have. Otherwise, there would have been no reason to keep Smith and instead possibly draft his replacement. What Smith's roster guarantee means for free agent, and 2023 Seahawks backup, Drew Lock is anyone's guess, though.

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