3 takeaways from Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith's Week 1

Geno Smith and Seattle lost to the Los Angeles Rams in Week 1 of the 2023 season.
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The Seattle Seahawks lost to the Los Angeles Rams in Week 1 of the 2023 regular season. The offense was bad. The defense was horrible. And the special teams was just OK. We do know that the fault of Seattle losing does not completely fall on Geno Smith's back.

I am not saying Smith was excellent in Week 1, but he also had zero help. The defense couldn't get the Rams off the field on third down. Seattle's offensive play-calling was inconsistent.

But what can we take away from Geno Smith in Week 1? He was 16 of 26 for only 112 yards. Was that his fault completely? Here are some thoughts.

Geno Smith was not the problem with the Seahawks Week 1 loss

Was Geno Smith great in Week 1? No. But was he the reason that Seattle lost? Um, no. Absolutely not. For those people calling for Geno Smith to be replaced either 1) didn't see the game, 2) have a personal dislike of Geno Smith, or 3) don't know football. It's cool to be a fan, and if you are a Seahawks fan then great! But if you blame Geno Smith for the Week 1 loss then you are simply wrong.

There are many reasons Seattle lost to the Rams. Seattle's secondary was bad. The pass rush was non-existent. Offensive coordinator Shane Waldron's play-calling was horrific. Tight end Noah Fant couldn't find a way to get open nor did he block well. Sure, Geno Smith did miss an open Jake Bobo over the middle on one play and he made an iffy decision on a 3rd and 4 to go deep down the sidelines, but did that cost Seattle the game? Nope.

It also didn't help that Smith lost both his starting tackles during the game. Any chance Seattle had of coming back in the fourth quarter was wiped away with Abe Lucas and Charles Cross leaving the game. The bigger issue for Smith was that his receivers simply couldn't get open which is odd. Did the Rams just know what Seattle's receivers were going to do or have our hopes far exceeded what DK Metcalf, Tyler Lockett and Jaxon Smith-Njigba are capable of?