The good, the bad, and the ugly in Seahawks season ending win against Cardinals

  • Bobby Wagner is good
  • The putrid run defense
  • Inconsistent rush offense
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The bad: Running game ineptitude

For years, Pete Carroll's coaching philosophy in Seattle has been synonymous with a well-rounded and potent running game. However, as the 2023 NFL season unfolded, it became increasingly evident that the Seahawks were facing a departure from this time-tested formula. In a critical game against the Cardinals, the Seahawks' offensive efforts were valiant, but the glaring absence of a dominant ground attack raised questions about the team's ability to execute Carroll's signature style.

Pete Carroll, known for his commitment to a balanced offensive approach, has always emphasized the importance of a robust running game. Throughout his tenure in Seattle, the Seahawks have been characterized by their ability to control the clock, wear down defenses, and create opportunities through a potent ground attack. This season, however, has painted a different picture, challenging the very essence of Carroll's offensive blueprint.

In a crucial matchup against the Cardinals, the Seahawks found themselves up against a formidable opponent. While the offense showcased its prowess through the air, the running game failed to make a significant impact. Sophomore running back Kenneth Walker III, tasked with shouldering the ground game, managed only 78 scoreless rush yards. This stark underperformance left the Seahawks vulnerable and highlighted a glaring deficiency in their offensive strategy.

The Seahawks' running game struggles are not limited to a single game but have been a recurring theme throughout the season. Injuries, changes in personnel, and opposing defenses adjusting to the Seahawks' traditional approach have all contributed to the decline in rushing effectiveness. The once-dominant ground attack has become a point of concern, and the team now faces the challenge of reinventing its offensive identity.

A faltering running game not only hampers offensive versatility but also puts additional pressure on the passing game. Defenses can capitalize on this imbalance, making it challenging for the Seahawks to maintain control and dictate the tempo of the game. To return to their winning ways, the Seahawks must find a way to resurrect the running game and restore the balance that has been a cornerstone of their success under Carroll.