The good, the bad, and the ugly in Seahawks Week 14 loss to 49ers

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Pass defense continues to be a problem

As the Seattle Seahawks see their playoff aspirations slip away, a glaring issue emerges from the shadows: their pass defense. Throughout the season, the Seahawks secondary has struggled to contain opposing wide receivers, and this deficiency was starkly evident in their crucial game against the San Francisco 49ers. Both Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk exploited the vulnerabilities, each amassing over 100 receiving yards, underscoring the critical role played by the Seahawks' pass defense in their disappointing season.

Deebo Samuel, the dynamic playmaker for the 49ers, showcased his skills against the Seahawks' secondary, leaving defenders grasping at thin air. Samuel's ability to create separation and capitalize on mismatches was on full display, and the Seahawks had no answer for his explosive plays. His 100+ receiving yards served as a testament to the struggles of a once-dominant Seattle pass defense.

If Deebo Samuel was the conductor of the 49ers' passing symphony, Brandon Aiyuk played the role of a solo virtuoso. Aiyuk's ability to find open spaces and exploit coverage weaknesses added to the Seahawks' pass defense woes. The secondary's inability to contain both Samuel and Aiyuk allowed the 49ers to control the tempo of the game through the air, contributing significantly to the Seahawks' season-long defensive struggles.

As the season concludes without a playoff berth for the Seahawks, the coaching staff and players alike will engage in introspection. The pass defense, once a cornerstone of their success, now stands as a major point of concern. The inability to contain elite wide receivers has been a recurring theme, and adjustments will be necessary moving forward.

The Seahawks' pass defense issues are multifaceted, requiring a comprehensive assessment in the offseason. Whether it's upgrading personnel, refining defensive schemes, or addressing individual performances, a recalibration is essential. The coaching staff, led by defensive coordinator and key decision-makers, must devise a plan to shore up the secondary and restore the defensive dominance that was once synonymous with the Seahawks.