The good, the bad, and the ugly in Seattle Seahawks Thanksgiving Day loss to 49ers

  • DK's drops
  • Outmatched D
  • Dee runs!

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Dee Eskridge
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The good: Eskridge run wild on special teams

In the aftermath of the Thanksgiving Day clash against the San Francisco 49ers, it's admittedly challenging to spotlight positives for the Seattle Seahawks. The game unfolded as a formidable challenge, with the Seahawks struggling to find answers to the relentless assault by their NFC West rivals. However, in the midst of defeat, a glimmer of hope emerged on the special teams front, where Dee Eskridge showcased his explosiveness in kick returns.

While the overall outcome of the game may not have been in the Seahawks' favor, the special teams unit, led by Dee Eskridge, stood out as a beacon of promise. Eskridge, with his electrifying speed and agility, provided the Seahawks with a silver lining on a day that otherwise proved to be an uphill battle.

In a game where offensive struggles and defensive challenges took center stage, Eskridge's impact on kick returns cannot be overlooked. Eskridge seized every opportunity, amassing an impressive 140 yards on four kick returns. These explosive yards not only showcased Eskridge's individual prowess but also afforded the Seahawks a crucial advantage in field position.

In football, the battle for field position is often underestimated. However, Eskridge's contributions on kick returns illuminated the significance of starting with favorable field position. Eskridge consistently provided the Seahawks' offense with a shorter path to the end zone, offering them opportunities to capitalize on scoring drives.

Beyond the statistics, Eskridge's performance injected a sense of energy and momentum into a team grappling with adversity. Each explosive return became a testament to the resilience and determination of a young player making his mark in a high-stakes matchup.

In the aftermath of a challenging defeat, it's essential to acknowledge and celebrate the bright spots that emerge, no matter how seemingly small. Dee Eskridge's remarkable contributions on special teams amid the Thanksgiving Day clash against the 49ers offer a silver lining for the Seattle Seahawks.