The good, the bad, and the ugly in Seattle Seahawks Thanksgiving Day loss to 49ers

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The ugly: Defense was outmatched

In the much-anticipated clash for supremacy in the NFC West, the Seattle Seahawks found themselves facing a formidable opponent in the San Francisco 49ers. Unfortunately for the Seahawks and their fervent fanbase, the contest did not unfold as planned. With the offense struggling to find its rhythm, the onus fell on the defense to keep the 49ers at bay. Regrettably, the Seahawks' defensive efforts fell short, allowing the 49ers to impose their will, largely led by the stellar performance of running back Christian McCaffrey.

In a game where offensive cohesion was lacking for the Seahawks, the responsibility shifted to the defense to stand tall against a potent 49ers squad. The narrative, however, took an unexpected turn as the Seahawks' defensive unit found itself unable to contain the onslaught orchestrated by the 49ers.

The centerpiece of the 49ers' offensive juggernaut was none other than superstar running back Christian McCaffrey. McCaffrey, known for his dynamic playmaking abilities, ran rampant against the Seahawks' defense, accumulating an impressive 114 yards on the ground and finding the end zone twice. His performance showcased the relentless determination of the 49ers to assert their dominance.

Despite flashes of brilliance, such as Jordyn Brooks' pick-six in the third quarter, the overall performance of the Seahawks' defense left much to be desired. In critical moments, the defense struggled to stem the tide of the 49ers' offensive advances, allowing them to control the tempo of the game.

For a team with aspirations of NFC West supremacy, the absence of a consistent defensive presence proved costly. The inability to contain McCaffrey and the 49ers' offensive onslaught raised questions about the Seahawks' defensive strategy, execution, and overall preparedness for such high-stakes matchups.

As the Seahawks confront the aftermath of this challenging matchup, there is a pressing need for introspection and adjustment. The defensive lapses against the 49ers serve as a glaring reminder of the areas that demand improvement. Whether it be refining defensive schemes, bolstering key positions, or addressing communication breakdowns, the road to NFC West supremacy requires a recalibration of the Seahawks' defensive approach.

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