The good, the bad and the ugly in Seattle Seahawks Week 10 victory against Commanders

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  • What's up with the running game?
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Kenneth Walker III
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The bad: Running game

Heading into the season, the Seattle Seahawks had high hopes for their ground game, banking on the dynamic duo of Kenneth Walker III and rookie Zach Charbonnet to spearhead a formidable rushing attack. The anticipation surrounding this running back tandem was palpable, with expectations set high for a ground game that could potentially be a cornerstone of the Seahawks' offensive success. However, as the season has unfolded, the running game has fallen short of the envisioned effectiveness.

The combination of Kenneth Walker III, a sophomore and explosive running back, and rookie Zach Charbonnet, created a buzz of excitement among Seahawks fans and analysts alike. The prospect of a well-balanced and potent running game added an extra layer to the Seahawks' offensive arsenal, promising to relieve some of the pressure on the passing game led by quarterback Geno Smith.

Despite the preseason optimism, the Seahawks' running game has faced challenges in recent outings. Walker and Charbonnet, individually talented and capable runners, have encountered difficulties finding consistent success on the ground. Whether it be issues with offensive line cohesion, opposing defenses keying in on the run, or other factors, the anticipated synergy between these two running backs has yet to materialize into the dominant force many had envisioned.

In the past few games, the Seahawks' ground game has struggled to establish the dominance expected of it. Both Walker and Charbonnet, while showing glimpses of their individual talents, have faced stout defenses that have limited their effectiveness. The inability to consistently generate substantial yardage on the ground has added an element of predictability to the Seahawks' offensive approach, placing a heavier burden on the passing game.

As the Seahawks navigate the challenges in their running game, the coaching staff must assess the contributing factors and implement necessary adjustments. Whether it involves tweaking offensive schemes, enhancing blocking assignments, or diversifying play-calling, finding a solution to revitalize the running game is crucial for the overall success of the team.