The good, the bad, and the ugly in Seattle Seahawks Week 11 loss to LA Rams

  • Geno Smith's toughness
  • Ineffective running game
  • Bad injuries

Seattle Seahawks v Los Angeles Rams
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Zach Charbonnet
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The bad: Ground game grounded

A fundamental aspect of the Seahawks' game plan has traditionally revolved around a potent running game that complements their aerial assault. However, the 2023 season has presented a different narrative, with both Kenneth Walker III and Zach Charbonet facing challenges in establishing a formidable ground attack. In the recent clash against the Rams, the two young running backs collectively managed only 65 yards, highlighting a concerning trend in the Seahawks' running game.

Historically, the Seahawks' success has been intricately linked to a balanced offensive approach, utilizing a robust running game to open up opportunities for their passing attack. This season, however, the tandem of Walker III and Charbonet has struggled to gain traction against opposing defenses, leading to a noticeable dip in the team's overall offensive efficiency.

The showdown against the Rams showcased the uphill battle the Seahawks face in the running department. The duo, known for their explosiveness and versatility, found themselves stymied by a resolute Rams defense that effectively limited their yardage on the ground. The lack of a consistent rushing threat undoubtedly places additional pressure on the passing game and limits the Seahawks' ability to dictate the tempo of the match.

As the season progresses, addressing the running game becomes a paramount concern for the Seahawks coaching staff. Analyzing the challenges faced by Walker III and Charbonet, the team must strategize ways to rejuvenate their ground attack and provide a much-needed balance to the offense.

While every season presents its unique set of challenges, adapting to adversity is a hallmark of successful teams. The Seahawks, known for their resilience, now face the task of recalibrating their offensive strategy and reigniting the spark in their running game. The upcoming games will serve as a litmus test for the adjustments made and the effectiveness of the revamped ground attack.