The good, the bad, and the ugly in Seattle Seahawks Week 3 victory over the Panthers

Seattle moved to 2-1 in 2023 with a victory over Carolina at Lumen Field.
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Red Rifle carved up the Seahawks defense

There's no denying it – the Seattle Seahawks notched an impressive win in their recent matchup. The cheers of victory echoed through the stadium, and fans rejoiced as the team moved one step closer to their season goals. However, even in the midst of celebration, there's a stark truth that Seahawks enthusiasts can't ignore: their pass defense is showing glaring vulnerabilities, and it's a trend that's becoming increasingly worrisome.

The team's inability to defend against the pass is a glaring issue that has raised concerns among both fans and analysts alike. The evidence is hard to ignore, as seen in the recent game against a backup quarterback, Andy Dalton, who threw for an astonishing 361 yards and notched two passing touchdowns.

Dalton's success through the air was not an isolated incident. The Seahawks pass defense has been a thorn in their side in the early part of the season. While their offense has shown sparks of brilliance, the defense, especially the secondary, is struggling to contain opposing quarterbacks.

The matchup against the elder statesman of the NFL, Adam Thielen, further highlighted these concerns. Thielen's 11 catches for 145 receiving yards and a touchdown demonstrated that even seasoned veterans can exploit the vulnerabilities in Seattle's pass defense. His ability to find openings and exploit mismatches was a testament to the challenges that the Seahawks' secondary is currently facing.

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