The good, the bad, and the ugly in Seattle Seahawks Week 4 victory over the Giants

  • Penalties are still an issue
  • Jamal Adams lost early
  • Lockdown D
Seattle Seahawks v New York Giants
Seattle Seahawks v New York Giants / Al Bello/GettyImages
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The ugly: Offensive penalties

The Seahawks offense, typically known for its explosive plays and dynamic playmakers, found itself mired in a frustrating battle against the Giants' defense. The struggles were exacerbated by a series of offensive penalties, including multiple holding infractions, that hindered the Seahawks' progress.

The Seahawks' offensive woes were a series of untimely holding penalties. The offensive line, responsible for protecting Geno and creating running lanes for Kenneth Walker, struggled to contain the Giants' pass rush. As a result, they resorted to holding defenders, which not only nullified potential positive plays but also pushed the Seahawks further back.

Wide receiver DK Metcalf, known for his incredible physicality and playmaking abilities, was also flagged for holding on one occasion during the first quarter. These penalties not only impeded the Seahawks' progress but also put them in unfavorable down-and-distance situations, making it even more challenging to move the ball effectively.

The first quarter of the Seahawks' matchup against the New York Giants showcased a struggling offense and mounting penalties, hindering their ability to generate scoring opportunities. Luckily for the Seahawks offense, their defense created a fumble recovery, enabling them to have a short field, resulting in a Geno Smith passing touchdown to DK Metcalf that puts them ahead 7-0 as time expires in the first quarter.

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