Grading every Seattle Seahawks first-round draft pick since 2010

With the 2024 NFL Draft just around the corner, we examine how well the Seattle Seahawks have drafted in the first round over the last near decade and a half.
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Seattle Seahawks 2011 Round 1, Pick 25 - T James Carpenter

It is quite obvious what type of team the Seahawks were trying to build early on in this era. They used back-to-back round 1 selections on offensive linemen. The emphasis on the run game was ever so important after acquiring Marshawn Lynch in 2010. However, unlike Okung, the selection of James Carpenter didn't work out for Seattle. While he dealt with injuries early on in his career, whenever he was given the chance to play, he simply looked outmatched.

As alluded to earlier, first-round selections are supposed to be locks as a starter. But, sometimes it doesn't come to fruition. Between Lynch's power running style and the eventual Houdini escape-like ability from Russell Wilson, the Seahawks were able to overcome this pick that many would agree was a bust.

Grade: D

Seattle Seahawks 2012 Round 1, Pick 15 - DE Bruce Irvin

Bruce Irvin was the young buck on the defensive line that featured Red Bryant, Cliff Avril, and Michael Bennett. Not many were high on this pick given the history of Irvin when entering the draft. But, he fit right in, dominating his rookie season with 8.0 sacks. His durability was key during his first couple of seasons with the Seahawks. Due to adjustment, Irvin was switched from a DE to OLB and shockingly, fit right into that position.

It is tough to evaluate Bruce Irvin based on numbers only. He had an aura that helped him bond with other members of this historic defense. He came up with timely plays when called upon and even though he signed his first big contract with another team, he found his way back to Seattle not once, but twice, later on in his career.

Grade: B

Seattle Seahawks 2016 Round 1, Pick 31 - G Germain Ifedi

While the Seahawks had the right intention of selecting Ifedi, trying to rework a new offensive line, similar to that of James Carpenter, he struggled mightily. I certainly understand how hard the transition is from college to NFL. But, the idea of being a first-round pick, especially as an offensive lineman, is that your game is strong enough for you to survive while still learning on your toes.

Whether it was penalties or technique, Ifedi just wasn't living up to the expectations that the Seahawks had in mind. After declining his fifth-year option, Ifedi hit the open market and has played for a couple of different teams since. To his credit, he has improved his craft and has become a better player. It just didn't work out for him and the Seahawks.

Grade: D