Grading the Seahawks four lower tier in-house signings

Will these lower-profile players pay off big?

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Possibly solid contributors

Jon Rhattigan, Linebacker

This would be the special teams' standout fourth season in Seattle. Unlike Burns, Rhattigan was a restricted free agent, so is free to sign an offer sheet from any other team. Again, the Hawks could match the offer if they choose.

Last year was the first time he got any snaps on defense; even then it was just 19. But he had over 300 snaps on special teams and has proved his value every season. The Hawks tendered him an offer of one year at $2.985 million. I know he's valuable, but is he that valuable? Reportedly, none of the money is guaranteed, so gain, they have an out if needed.

Grade: C

Michael Jackson, Cornerback

Entering his fourth year with the Seahawks, Jackson was tendered the same offer sheet as Rhattigan, one year for $2.985 million. There's one important difference, though. If another team signs Jackson and Seattle chooses to let him walk, they'll receive a fifth-round pick in compensation. That's a huge bonus for the Hawks, as it makes it that much less likely another team will sweeten the deal and steal him, and it gives Seattle a nice return for zero investment.

Jackson is clearly the most consistent of the four players, and other than the Week One fiasco where virtually no one played well, He acquitted himself admirably on the field. There's no shame in losing your job to Devon Witherspoon. I love this deal, as Jackson can ball.

Grade: A

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