4 great free agents Seattle Seahawks could've signed but didn't

These players might have made Seattle much better.

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The Seattle Seahawks have hopefully made a bunch of relatively low-cost signings in free agency this offseason. That seems to be the Seattle way of doing things since general manager John Schneider arrived to help run the team. 12s might sometimes get frustrated by not seeing a couple of highly-discussed free agents come to Seattle each year, but it's better to be wise with money instead of overspending.

That said, the way Seattle handles free agency does not always work, of course. One could argue the 2023 signees were more misses than wins, though if Dre'Mont Jones is better in his second year with the team under new coach Mike Macdonald then the 2023 class will look much better. Evan Brown and Devin Bush were not good signings, though.

While we hope that Tyrel Dodson becomes one of the gems from 2024 free agency, there are players worth monitoring because they didn't sign with the Seahawks. We don't want to be stuck asking, "What if?" But here are four important players that Seattle might have missed out on.

Four free agents the Seattle Seahawks might should have signed but did not

Safety Geno Stone

Signed for two years and $15 million with the Cincinnati Bengals

I always get a little worried when teams sign a bunch of players to one-year deals, but John Schneider has made a history of that and it is difficult to argue with the results since 2010. But one-year contracts seem as if a team is saying, "We hope you will work out but we don't know it." The reason I am saying this is that while Stone signed a three-year deal, Seattle only signed Rayshawn Jenkins for one season.

There is also more reason to believe that Stone would be a perfect fit in Seattle's defense, likely as good or better than any other safety could be. He was great under Mike Macdonald in 2023 and transitioning to Seattle from Baltimore this offseason would have allowed Macdonald to implement his defense even a bit easier because Stone would be able to communicate what was needed to the players who remained on the Seahawks' roster from 2023.