5 greatest safeties in Seattle Seahawks franchise history

With a long lineage of producing some of the best safeties in each era, here are the five best in the history of the Seattle Seahawks.

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It is no secret that the NFL has constantly found new ways to evolve. As of late, the league has been orientated to favor offenses over defenses. Whether it's been rule changes or an influx of offensive-minded head coaches, playing defense has become very complex. However, that wasn't always the case in this league's history.

Defenders had a lot of leverage in terms of what was considered a legal tackle. At one point in time, throwing over the middle to your wide receiver was considered a sin because a safety had all the right to knock his lights out. To the benefit of the Seattle Seahawks, they had many safeties who would not hesitate in delivering the boom.

But, being a great safety isn't always about hit power. The IQ of reading offensive routes, understanding eye manipulation of the quarterback, and of course, the ability to actually catch the ball and force turnovers all play a part in what gets taken into consideration. Ever since the Seattle Seahawks' integration into the NFL in 1976, they have had safeties in each era that have been the cream rising to the top.

Five best safeties in Seattle Seahawks history

No. 5 - Seattle Seahawks S Quandre Diggs (2019-2023)

I still don't quite understand how the Seahawks traded just a 5th-round draft pick for Quandre Diggs back in 2019. In just under 4-and-a-half years as a starting safety in Seattle, Diggs intercepted 18 passes. Ironically, Diggs resembled a lot of what Earl Thomas did. After getting traded to the Seahawks, Diggs had 3 interceptions in his first four games for the first time since Thomas did it in 2010.

Outside of the interception numbers and making three Pro Bowls while playing in Seattle, Diggs was a true leader. He was a testament to what Seahawks football is all about. Despite the fact that this defense has had some tumultuous seasons since the departure of the Legion of Boom, Diggs was the constant bright spot. He was one of the best safeties in the NFL while wearing a Seahawks uniform. Unfortunately, similar to that of Eugene Robinson, the Seahawks decided to move off Diggs this off-season due to cap reasons.