4 important questions Seahawks still must answer ahead of the 2024 season

Seattle must find answers to these questions to be successful in 2024 and beyond.

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What is Seattle's draft strategy?

This is one of the most exciting offseasons for 12s. While many will always cherish Pete Carroll for all the success and positivity he brought to the team, he also had final approval on all roster moves. Without him, John Schneider now has that control. Therefore, Seahawks fans cannot really know how the team will approach the draft.

If Seattle and Schneider continue the same kind of trend they had in free agency then Seattle trading back in the first round would not be a shock. For instance, it became clear that the team's tendency to not be overly aggressive early in free agency rolled over to this offseason which would imply that strategy was not Carroll's but more so Schneider's. Seattle had a history during the 2010s of trading back from the initial pick in the first round of drafts and adding more choices.

If that is what the Seahawks do this year, the thought process makes sense. Seattle has the number 16 pick in the draft but then not another until the third round. Potentially trading back in the first round and adding a second-round selection would seemingly be wise. But then what to do with the picks?

Schneider has said that he likes to go with the best available player no matter the position. That could work this year as well except that Seattle must do something to address the interior of the offensive line. It could be that a player such as Jackson Powers-Johnson is around for Seattle to choose even if they move back. If so, great. Either way, this should be a fun draft to watch for 12s.

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