Intriguing position battles for Seattle Seahawks ahead of the 2024 season

These positions are worth keeping an eye on ahead of this coming season.
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Geno or Sam?

As the Seattle Seahawks usher in a new era under the leadership of head coach Mike Macdonald, changes on the field are inevitable. One of the most intriguing storylines to unfold during training camp and the preseason is the battle for the starting quarterback position between Geno Smith and newcomer Sam Howell.

Geno Smith's journey with the Seahawks has been a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows. Tasked with stepping into the starting role after the departure of Russell Wilson two years ago, Smith experienced a resurgence, showcasing flashes of brilliance on the field. However, his production dipped last season, raising concerns among fans and analysts alike.

Enter Sam Howell, the quarterback acquired via trade this offseason. Howell brings with him a reputation as a dynamic playmaker with the potential to energize the Seahawks' offense. His arrival adds a new dimension to the quarterback competition, as he vies to unseat Smith from the starting position.

Smith's tenure as a Pete Carroll project may give him some leeway, but with a new head coach at the helm, there's no guarantee of a prolonged opportunity. Macdonald's arrival could mean a shorter leash for Smith, with expectations of consistent performance and tangible results.

The upcoming training camp and preseason games will serve as the stage for this quarterback showdown. All eyes will be on Smith and Howell as they vie for the chance to lead the Seahawks onto the field come game day. Every throw, every decision, and every performance will be scrutinized as the coaching staff evaluates their options under center.

The question on everyone's mind is whether we'll witness a changing of the guard at the quarterback position before the start of the regular season. Will Howell's potential and promise be enough to supplant Smith as the starter, or will Smith rise to the occasion and reaffirm his place as the leader of the Seahawks' offense?