Intriguing position battles for Seattle Seahawks ahead of the 2024 season

These positions are worth keeping an eye on ahead of this coming season.
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A very tight end battle

As the Seattle Seahawks embark on a new era under head coach Mike Macdonald, the tight end position emerges as a focal point of intrigue within the team's offensive scheme. With uncertainty surrounding the offensive strategy, fans eagerly await the unveiling of Macdonald's playbook and the roles assigned to the tight ends.

At the forefront of this competition is Noah Fant, the presumed starter and primary pass-catching threat at tight end. Behind Fant, however, lies a battle for the coveted second tight end spot, with two newcomers vying for the role – Pharaoh Brown and rookie AJ Barner.

Pharaoh Brown arrives in Seattle on a one-year deal, bringing with him a blend of experience and versatility. Known for his blocking prowess and red zone presence, Brown adds a dynamic element to the Seahawks' tight end room. His familiarity with the nuances of the NFL could give him an edge in the competition for playing time.

On the other hand, rookie AJ Barner enters the fray with youth and potential on his side. Drafted in the fourth round out of Michigan, Barner boasts impressive physical attributes and a skill set tailored for the modern NFL offense. His arrival signals the Seahawks' commitment to infusing youth and talent into the tight end position, with an eye toward long-term success.

As training camp heats up and preseason games loom, the battle between Brown and Barner will intensify. Each player brings a unique skill set to the table, presenting Coach Macdonald with a tantalizing dilemma – stick with the proven veteran in Brown or bet on the upside of the rookie in Barner.

The decision at tight end will not only impact individual playing time but also shape the dynamics of the Seahawks' offensive strategy. Will Macdonald opt for a two-tight end set to maximize versatility and create mismatches against opposing defenses? Or will he lean on a more traditional offensive approach, utilizing one tight end primarily as a blocker and the other as a receiving threat?

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