Jamal Adams crosses a line no athlete should cross

Adams responded to a silly tweet in the worst way.

Michael Owens/GettyImages

I like Jamal Adams as he plays with passion and has more energy than I will ever have. I also like the Seattle Seahawks. But always a like of a sports team should not outweigh the respect of other human beings. This specifically relates to someone who reportedly covers the New York Jets and New York Giants, Connor Hughes, tweeting out something that had nothing to do with the Jets and Giants but something that has to do with Jamal Adams, a former Jet, and Adams' reaction to the tweet.

Jamal Adams got beat for a touchdown against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 13. Pass coverage has never been Adams' strong suit, even though he has many other elite skills on the football field. Cowboys Jake Ferguson caught a pass from Dak Prescott in the fourth quarter while being covered by Jamal Adams and the touchdown and subsequent two-point conversion made the score 38-35 Cowboys.

The score was the deciding points in the game. The Seattle Seahawks fell to 6-6 and lost a game they could have won had the defense played better.

Seattle Seahawks safety Jamal Adams takes the low road in tweet

Connor Hughes tweeted out the play on Friday morning and added the word, "Yikes." Maybe Hughes has a dislike for Adams from his days in New York. Who knows? As Hughes does not cover the Cowboys or Seahawks, that is the only reason I can think he would want to comment on the play.

But instead of letting the tweet go because social media, and X, specifically, is a toxic environment, Jamal Adams responded by posting a photo of Hughes' significant other and saying, "Yikes." It was a cold and callous response and something that a random fan might tweet instead of a professional football player. Jamal Adams should have known better. He should do better in the future.

Hughes made a silly comment on something Adams does for his profession and Adams responded in a more personal way. It should have been beneath Adams, or really any other human being. Hughes' significant other was innocent in the entire mess. Bringing family and friends into social media after a poor play by Adams now should put Adams in a negative light more than some stupid play on the football field. Adams did delete the tweet, but the damage was already noticed and done.

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