Jeff Bezos might be preparing to try to purchase the Seattle Seahawks

Amazon founder Bezos is moving a lot of money around recently.
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos / Samir Hussein/GettyImages

Jeff Bezos is rich. That is OK if you want to own an NFL team because to do so you need to be wealthy. Bezos has more money than he might ever be able to spend, but he might know how he wants to spend a portion of it: He might want to buy the Seattle Seahawks.

Bezos isn't from Seattle originally, but there is no NFL team in New Mexico. Let's just say he made the bones of his fortune in the Seattle area and has a lot of ties to the area even if he now lives in sunny Florida. Bezos reportedly wants to be a league team owner and as he would have more money than any other owner, the league would surely welcome him.

He has likely been biding his time. He half-heartedly was interested in purchasing the Washington Commanders but former Washington owner Dan Snyder did not like that idea. Therefore, Bezos was shut out of any chance to buy the Commanders. The Amazon founder (and current owner of lots of different companies) is worth a reported $219 billion. If he wants to own a team, he is going to find a way to do so.

Is Jeff Bezos about to try to buy the Seattle Seahawks?

Bezos also knows that per late owner Paul Allen the Seahawks will need to be sold at some point. Prior to May of 2024, any sale of the Seahawks would have meant that the Paul Allen Trust had to give 10 percent of the proceeds of any sale to the Public Stadium Authority of Seattle but that time has passed. This means Seattle's football team could be sold at any point and the board of the Trust would keep the cash money, minus the taxes.

If the team sold for $6 billion then Bezos could easily afford that. But how much of his money is liquid and how much is tied up in ventures? A lot to the latter, mostly likely. This could be why Bezos has recently made some major moves with his funds. In February, Bezos made another huge sale of his Amazon stock which equated to about $8.5 billion. Recently, the Amazon founder made another sale of shares that equates to about $5 billion.

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That could mean Bezos has about $13.5 billion to spend however he wants. He wants to own an NFL team and the Seahawks are supposed to be sold soon, according to Paul Allen's wishes. Bezos has more than enough to buy the Seattle football franchise if the Trust is willing to sell it to him. He likely would pay more than any other bidder to make the Seahawks his own.

The question is how 12s and the team's employees would feel. Bezos does not have the best reputation for how his companies' employees are treated. Still, there would be no nickel-and-dime issues for Seattle to chase free agents. If Bezos buys the team, he should want to win. Either that or he just wants his name attached to the NFL and he would become the Donald Sterling of the league.

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