Top 3 keys to victory for Seattle Seahawks versus Cleveland Browns in Week 8

Seattle (4-2) welcome the Cleveland Browns (4-2) to the Emerald City.

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Seattle's offensive line needs to find a way to stop Myles Garrett

The Seattle offensive line will have their hands full this week when they line up against the Browns' defensive end Myles Garrett. Garrett is a freak athlete and a freak football player. He is damn near unstoppable once he gets going. This does not bode well for our chances at 'balling out' or 'Air Geno'. If we don't have time to throw the ball, we aren't going to win.

The second biggest factor in this game will be the Seattle pass protection against Garrett. As a former football coach, it is tough 'coaching up' the offensive line in preparation for an opponent like this. They can either play solid as one or prepare for a dog fight.

This is going to come down to tackle Charles Cross and Myles Garrett. When these guys line up, they are going to lay it out and find out who the 'bigger man' is. Plain and simple. One of these guys is going to own the other after the tackle. Be prepared for a dog fight. If the Cross and the offensive line can stop Garrett, Seattle should win this game.