Latest Pete Carroll rumor seems completely ridiculous

There is another team in Seattle that has a head coaching opening but Carroll should not take it.
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Pete Carroll is out of a job with the Seattle Seahawks, but how soon does he want another one? That is one major question moving forward for him. While Carroll is not young for a head coach, he clearly still has lots of energy for coaching, and going somewhere new will likely only re-energize him. But will that new job, should Carroll choose to accept it, be in the NFL or college?

Unlike both Bill Belichick and Nick Saban, Pete Carroll has been highly successful in both college (he won two national championships at USC) and the NFL. There is little doubt he could succeed at any level. But his age might play a part in those making decisions on whether to hire him or not. Since Carroll is 72 years old, how long would be a head coach at a new place? No one knows.

But there is a recent rumor that involves Pete Carroll staying in Seattle and simply taking his talents over to Montlake and becoming the new coach of the Washington Huskies. Washington reportedly lost their head coach, Kalen DeBoer, to the University of Alabama on Friday. DeBoer will be taking his own talents to the University of Alabama.

Pete Carroll should not go from the Seahawks to the Huskies

But if Carroll is thinking of still coaching - and besides his age, the Washington Huskies would be silly to not entertain bringing Carroll on board to lead the team in 2024 and beyond - he should not take the Washington job. And before I go on, just type in "Pete Carroll" and "Washington Huskies" into your favorite social media tool and you will see a lot of hits like the one below:

Even Seattle Sports 710 AM has bandied the idea of Carroll going to the Huskies around on Friday. The Huskies wanting Carroll is not crazy, however. Carroll wanting the Huskies, though, might just be a knee-jerk reaction to him no longer being with the Seahawks.

First, Carroll is not from Seattle. If he wants to go "home" to coach a college program, he likely would go somewhere in California. The surfing is better there anyway.

Secondly, the Huskies are losing a lot of talent from the team along with DeBoer. Carroll would have to rebuild the roster quite a bit and he simply might not have enough time to get the Huskies back to a 2023 level. DeBoer is a great coach, but he hasn't been a great recruiter and the 2023 team was mostly built on upper classmen, not freshmen.

Lastly, why would any coach go from head coach at the NFL level to being fired to going to be the head coach at a college in the same town? That seems like an embarrassing slap in the face and a step down. The Huskies are great, but Carroll deserves better.

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