Leaving Jamal Adams at home permanently is likely Seahawks best option

Adams wasn't at Lumen Field when Seattle played the Eagles in Week 15.
Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

On Wednesday, Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said in the team's weekly press conference that Jamal Adams "didn't need" to be at the game against the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday Night Football in Week 15. Carroll said the same thing after the game on Monday as well. When a player is injured and can't play, fine. But when a player is simply not with his team at all and either elected to not be or was asked not to come, then Seattle...we have a problem.

Adams might not have been able to physically play in the game, but not being in the stadium to root for his teammates in Seattle's biggest game of the season was weird. And extremely concerning. This is especially true as Jamal Adams has had such a rah-rah attitude for most of his Seattle career.

Adams might have had several options since he was not playing. He could have stayed on the sidelines as he did in Week 11 when Seattle played the Los Angeles Rams. Adams could have come to the stadium and then sat in one of the boxes above the field. Players do that fairly often.

Keeping Jamal Adams at home might be best for the Seattle Seahawks

We might not know whether Adams simply declined to come to Lumen Field or whether Pete Carroll and the team asked him not to be there. Carroll said he simply wanted the Seahawks focused on the important game and nothing else. But if you work at a place that is having a major event and, even if you are not leading a portion of the event, your company asks you not to come, you would be upset, right?

Or if you tell your company you won't be at the event since you aren't leading a project, you'd think your company might rightfully be upset with you. The point should be that everyone is a team and if Adams didn't come to the stadium for Week 15 then he either sees himself as somewhat separate from the Seahawks or the team sees him as separate.

What we do know is that against a good Eagles offense, Seattle's defense was better in the deep part of the secondary by giving Julian Love and Quandre Diggs all the snaps. The communication was better and so was Seattle's ability to cover the entire field. Whether Jamal Adams is healthy or not - or whether he is having a problem with the team or the team him - Adams needs to just stay at home the rest of the season. The Seahawks would be better for it.

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