Madden NFL 24 ratings: Seahawks QB Geno Smith not top 10 but on the rise

Seattle Seahawks QB Geno Smith is closer to the top 10 in Madden 24 ratings than some might have guessed.
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Madden NFL 24 released their quarterbacks ratings on Friday and those QBs at the top were the ones we expected to be near the top. Yes, Patrick Mahomes was number one (with a 99!), and that's likely how it should be. But Seattle Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith was quite close to cracking the top 10.

Flash back one year ago. Smith, of course, wasn't ranked highly at all. Heck, even 12s didn't know if he was going to beat Drew Lock out for being QB1 in Seattle. Former quarterback Russell Wilson had been traded to the Denver Broncos and Will was rated as the number 9 Madden 23 QB. So if you slept through the 2022 season, I apologize for the shock you are about to receive.

In Madden 24, Wilson falls to number 18. But Geno Smith rises all the way to number 12 with a rating of 81. Smith's archetype is that of a "field general" and that makes sense as that is what Smith basically is. And that's not a bad thing as the Seahawks have lots of offensive weapons and Smith just needs to direct the unit accordingly.

Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith rises almost to the top 10 QBs in Madden 24

Smith's lowest rating in the general ratings is with strength wear he rates a 58. His highest is stamina at 93. In the passing-specific ratings, Smith rates well in each category. His highest in the category are "throw accuracy short" and "throw accuracy deep" where he rates at 89. We found out in 2022 that Smith can be extremely accurate on any pass he throws, and he far exceeded anyone's expectations there.

The top five quarterbacks, in order of first through fifth, are Mahomes (99 rating), Joe Burrow (95), Josh Allen (94), Lamar Jackson (91), and Jalen Hurts (88). Aaron Rodgers (86) was in the top three in 2023 but fell to eighth. Kirk Cousins is a somewhat surprising ninth (84).

Hopefully, though, in real games, Smith will be even better than he was in 2022. With a year of full-time experience in Seahawks offensive coordinator Shane Waldron's offense and with more weapons at the skill positions, Smith should be very good. Maybe good enough to lead Seattle to a deep postseason run.

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