3 major observations from Geno Smith's performance vs. Commanders in Week 10

How did QB1 fare against Washington?
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Geno Smith
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Geno Smith can still make the big throws

The Seahawks second touchdown came on a perfect 5-yard pass from Smith to Lockett. Lockett ran a curl route in the end zone while Smith was rolling to his right and on the run Smith the ball low and toward the front pylon where only Lockett could catch the pass. The throw was the kind of ball that Lockett has caught many times in his career, but he and Smith seemed to have perfected and make the play look easy.

Try the throw at home. Spring to your right or left (depending on which is your dominant hand) and throw as hard as you can to a space of about half-a-yard. Then try doing that with 60, 000 people watching you and the game on the line. Not easy and few quarterbacks make that throw like Smith does.

Smith had another pass to Lockett earlier on the same drive where Lockett had an open window about 20 yards down the field but to complete the pass Smith had to throw the ball with enough speed and arch where the pass went over the outstretched arm of a linebacker playing deep zone and into the arms of the waiting Lockett. Again, not an easy pass, but Smith did it perfectly.

Seattle scored on four of its final five drives in Week 10 and didn't have a turnover. The offense wasn't perfect as the game shouldn't have been as close as it stayed and some early touchdowns would have helped make this a much easier game for the Seahawks. Still, for the first time since Week 4, Geno Smith didn't have a turnover while also having a career-high 369 yards passing. That is good QB1 stuff.

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