3 major observations from Geno Smith's performance vs. 49ers in Week 12

How did QB1 fare against the 49ers at Lumen Field on Thanksgiving?

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Geno Smith
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Let's get used to Geno Smith forcing throws

In 2022, Geno Smith did not turn the ball over much early in the season. But it wasn't like Seattle was keeping him under wraps. Smith threw long often enough. Possibly other teams simply did not know what to expect from Geno Smith and the Seahawks offense, at least until teams started to figure Seattle out a bit over halfway through the season. Then, Smith began having quite a few more turnovers - 5 turnovers through Week 9 and then 10 turnovers in the last eight games.

In 2023, Smith has 10 turnovers in the first 11 games, but he has 9 turnovers in the last seven games. 7 of those are interceptions but Smith also has just 7 touchdown passes in the last seven games as well. While excuses will be made about Smith's interceptions - the receiver ran the wrong route or whatever - Peyton Manning used to say that every pass he throws he has signed his name to and many of the picks are forced passes.

The issue is not completely on Smith, however. His receivers simply are not getting open either. I saw one social media post that said "Geno Smith is always throwing contested passes!" OK, maybe. But is that all his fault? Receivers have to help quarterbacks out as well and find ways to get open. If a quarterback is always throwing contested passes that is because his receivers are not getting as open as they need.

Still, Smith has thrown a couple of horrible passes near the end zone this year that have ended drives as the passes were picked, and his pass to Tyler Lockett against the 49ers was simply a ball he should not have thrown. But before people start commenting that Drew Lock would be better, he wouldn't. Also, people making those comments are saying they know more than the Seahawks coaches who see both Smith and Lock in training camp, preseason, and practice and the people commenting are foolish if they think they know more than the coaches do. Stop dreaming.