Marshawn Lynch appears to drop some harsh truth on Richard Sherman on TNF

"Where he get his Bowl at?"

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Unless you have lived in a cave and recently come out into the world and one of your first decisions was to accept the Seattle Seahawks as your favorite NFL team (great choice, by the way), you probably already know that Richard Sherman and Marshawn Lynch played several years together in Seattle. There appears to be no animosity between the players. They are both outspoken and that is fun for fans of each player.

But Sherman may have seemingly crossed a line with Lynch live on Amazon Prime's Thursday Night Football coverage between the Las Vegas Raiders and Los Angeles Chargers (I think that the Raiders were playing another NFL team, though it might not have looked that way). The discussion was about potential league MVP and Sherman chose an anti-Seahawk. To be fair, however, Sherman did choose a player from a team Sherman played with after leaving the Seahawks in 2017.

But to watch Marshawn Lynch get really peeved about the choice Sherman made - that San Francisco 49ers quarterback would be MVP - made for great television, especially for 12s. Sherman will always have a special place in Seahawks fans' hearts, of course; he was too good of a player during his time in Seattle to not be recalled fondly. But there is something about Lynch that most people just love.

Marshawn Lynch questions Richard Sherman's loyalty on Thursday Night Football

So when Lynch called out Sherman for what Lynch perceived as Sherman's lack of loyalty to the Seahawks, Lynch let his thoughts be known. Lynch told Sherman that he was going to have to "test (his) loyalty" and that Sherman should know where the "allegiances lie." Then when another person interrupted to point out that Sherman also played for the 49ers, Lynch said, "I know that but where he get his (Super) Bowl at?" Sherman and Lynch were both on the Seahawks Super Bowl-winning team for the 2013 season.

Sherman retorted by saying, "(Seattle) also cut me" to which Lynch said, "That's the lay of the land."

In fairness, Sherman does come back to Seahawks training camp quite a bit and does some unpaid coaching. He also lives in the Seattle area. Both players are great, but Lynch got the better of Sherman on Thursday.

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