Marshawn Lynch steps into political realm with new podcast with Gavin Newsom

Former Seahawks running back Lynch is not shy about sharing his thoughts but a new podcast with Gavin Newsom might be a different challenge.
Marshawn Lynch at the 2024 Independent Spirit Awards
Marshawn Lynch at the 2024 Independent Spirit Awards / Emma McIntyre/GettyImages

Let's be clear here: This article is not about politics. This is especially true as the new podcast with Marshawn Lynch, Lynch's agent (Doug Hendrickson), and California governor Gavin Newsom, Politickin’, might go a lot of different ways. Assuming all three agree on whatever political stance each is taken is a stretch.

Still, the former Seattle Seahawks running back will always be a fan favorite. Some might not like his need to be himself, but who else should he be? Sadly, some on social media have even called him out for his arrest for DUI in Las Vegas in 2022. To that, one might say, "You be the first to throw a stone..."

It is easy to cry foul on social media. It is another to come from behind the curtain and give your thoughts to listeners and viewers. You might not agree with Lynch - and you have no obligation to do so - but at least he is willing to stand right here and right now upon what he believes. He is also not stupid; no person who gets into Cal is. What Lynch says is said with forethought and process.

Former Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch has a new podcast

This isn't about Newsom either. You can agree or disagree with his political views. That is your right. Heck, maybe you don't live in California - Lynch is originally from CA so the connection with Newsom makes sense - so whatever Newsom thinks has no direct bearing on you.

The fact that Lynch will be on a podcast almost makes one listen a need for 12s. When he was with the Seahawks, he picked and chose who he said what to whom. If he didn't trust the source, he wouldn't go on a show. That is how it should be for all of us, though. He chooses our own narratives and should have as much control over what we say as possible.

dark. Next. A former Seahawks CB is better than Devon Witherspoon?. A former Seahawks CB is better than Devon Witherspoon?

What makes Newsom and Lynch's (and OK...Hendrickson's) podcast so intriguing is that we cannot assume Lynch will agree with everything Newsom says. That would make for a boring podcast. The teaser to the pod, which starts on July 15, also implies that there will be disagreements. Hearing Lynch speak his views in relation to a point he might not agree with will be priceless.

They might not dive too much into Seahawks football (or maybe they will; who knows?), but 12s will likely get more than "I'm here so I won't get fined." Although, that might be interesting for an episode or two as well.

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