Mike Macdonald says he dreams about the 'usual suspects' on Seahawks roster

Macdonald spoke with ESPN's Adam Schefter about what he hopes for the Seahawks in 2024.
Mike Macdonald makes an admission about the Seahawks
Mike Macdonald makes an admission about the Seahawks / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

New Seattle Seahawks head coach Mike Macdonald did not want to name names. Who Macdonald thinks highly of on the Seattle roster and who he doesn't might never be obvious. That is how it should be. A coach never wants to show his hand completely. Plus, saying who he likes and does not like would not be acceptable other than maybe junior high.

In a recent conversation with ESPN's Adam Schefter, though, Macdonald did make an admission. He falls asleep early and has no issues sleeping, but once asleep, he does not stop thinking about his football team in Seattle. He dreams about having conversations with certain players.

Macdonald even told Schefter that the conversations he dreams of are so real that sometimes he is not completely sure if he has had the actual talk or not. When jokingly pressed by Schefter for which players Macdonald has had conversations with, the Seahawks coach said, "The usual suspects."

Seattle Seahawks head coach Mike Macdonald admits to dreaming about conversations with players

The conversations were light-hearted, of course. Schefter was not going to try to do a deep dive into Macdonald's psyche. One could assume that if dreams are somewhat based on stress and the need to clarify, Macdonald would be having clear conversations with Geno Smith, the quarterback and leader of the offense, and then a handful of defensive players.

The truth is that the way Seattle is currently structured. Macdonald obviously oversees the entire team, but his main focus in year one of his tenure is to improve the defense. He will also be making the defensive play-calls so he needs to trust his defense understands what they are supposed to do in every situation.

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If Macdonald is dreaming of conversations with players, and they involve the "usual suspects," one can assume Macdonald is having fake conversations with Devon Witherspoon, Leonard Williams, and Julian Love, among others. Those would be the key players defensively, as well as offseason acquisition Tyrel Dodson.

Many of the conversations that Macdonald dreams about could become real-life conversations as well. The hope is that once the season begins, those conversations stay dreams. The Seahawks might be heading toward a disappointing season if they become nightmares.

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