Mike Macdonald resetting the Seahawks culture is the perfect move

Macdonald needed to start fresh.
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Mike Macdonald made major changes to the Seattle Seahawks' environment. It's not about forgetting the past but building the future.

Some 12s may be upset about the changes new head coach Mike Macdonald has made at the Seahawks VMAC practice facility. First to go was the iconic basketball hoop in the meeting room. Now we've learned that he's taken down all the photos of the Hawks' greatest moments that once lined the hallway to the locker room. Is there no end to the disrespect this man is showing to the legacy of the Seahawks?

That's a very easy answer: no. That's because there is no disrespect in any of his actions. Macdonald has repeatedly said how much he respects Pete Carroll. He also made it clear that he's not Carroll, and wouldn't ever try to be. As he said in his introductory press conference as quoted by Nick Shook for nfl.com, "It's all about what's the best interest for the team, what's the best interest for the players, and how we can be successful."

Seattle Seahawks will forge their own identity under Macdonald

Mike Macdonald can't be Pete Carroll, as he said. He'd be doomed to failure from day on if he tried. Just as the Hawks' new head coach can't try to replicate the past, this team can't be anything but the best version of itself. Believe me, I know how tempting it is to label the latest roster the LOB 2.0. I've done it myself far too often, and it never happens. It never will happen, either. That was a unique collection of talent in a unique time. When most teams focused on offense, Carroll's Hawks hit the league with a sharp counterstrike and won with defense. The proof: 43-8. All 12s know that score.

This team has some great defensive players, but it still has to create its own identity. To that end, the murals of all those great moments no longer line the hallway to the locker room. As Bob Condotta reported for The Seattle Times, Macdonald pointed out the changes to the team in their first meeting. Leonard Williams was quoted saying, "I think it’s given us a clean foundation to create whatever we want to be. We are not chasing to be like any other team that’s been here before. We want to create our own identity.’’

Williams went on to say of Macdonald, "He kind of wants to create our own slogans, create our own mantras and things like that.’’ He added, "You can just tell there is a sense of urgency right now in a way that’s kind of bringing everyone closer together, that’s making everyone be so locked in in meetings and the weight room and on the field." And isn't that the one thing that seemed to be lacking on the team in the past few years, that sense of urgency?

I loved Pete Carroll as the Seahawks head coach, and respect him even more as a person. He's easily the best coach in the history of the team. I think the time was right to move on, though, and I have zero doubts that Mike Macdonald was the correct choice to lead this team into the future.

Every member of the Hawks knows the legacy of this franchise. I guarantee they don't need to be reminded of it every day. Macdonald has wiped the slate clean, not only of the victories but also the disappointments. It may have been a bold move, but it was the right move. We'll see many more in the coming years and victories for the Seahawks.

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