Mike Vrabel would be the perfect fit for the Seattle Seahawks

Seattle parted ways with former head coach Pete Carroll nearly two weeks ago.
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What went wrong in Tennessee?

There's a key moment when all the momentum Tennessee had built up with Vrabel died, and that was draft night in 2022. The 2022 offseason will be remembered as the summer that wide receivers got paid or got traded. While DK Metcalf got rich, the Chiefs had to trade Tyreek Hill to Miami. Facing a similar dilemma, the Titans decided to trade star WR AJ Brown to the Philadelphia Eagles for a first and third-round pick. 

While ownership and GM Jon Robinson were in favor of the deal, NFL draft coverage caught a live look into the Titans' war room as the deal was going down. On live television, you clearly could see an angry and disappointed Mike Vrabel, as he got out of his chair and walked away from the table, before turning around and showing a face of disgust. With Tannehill and Henry beginning to decline, AJ Brown was the youthful blue-chip talent capable of bridging the gap, keeping the Titans in the contender's realm.

Despite a 7-3 start to 2022, injuries and Tannehill hitting the wall became too much for Vrabel to stave off, as the Titans lost their final seven games. The deal, which was ridiculed then, was made worse by Brown becoming an MVP contender and leading the Eagles to an NFC title. In response, owner Amy Adams fired Jon Robinson and hired Ron Carthon, who was rumored not to be Vrabel's preference.

With new leadership in the building, odd draft decisions, and a roster that continued to get older and even more injured, Vrabel wasn't able to keep his job, despite still winning 6 games and upsetting the Jaguars and Dolphins late in the season. Two years after being named coach of the year, Vrabel is back on the market.