3 moves Seahawks need to make after the 2024 NFL Draft 

Seattle still has things to do.
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Find out if there's still a future in Seattle with these four players

A year ago, the Seahawks looked primed for a potential deep playoff run. Young ascending players like Abe Lucas and Darrell Taylor looked primed for a major breakout. Schneider and Pete Carroll spent a significant amount of money and cap space on interior defensive line help, bringing in and back Dre Jones and Jarran Reed. Fast forward a year later, and there are real decisions that need to be made as to whether any of these players are a part of the team's present or future. 

Abe Lucas is probably the best and most impactful player of this group, but injuries this season and the unsettling mystery behind what is ailing his knee have led many to suspect we may never see the 2022 version of Abe Lucas again. The free agent signing of George Fant, at a not insignificant cost, signals that we may not see Lucas much of this season as well. 

Darrell Taylor felt like a reach when he was drafted, and there’s been very little to make me feel differently a few years later. He’s talented and fast at pressuring the QB, but he’s been unable to finish the sack, be anything but a sieve in the run game, and can’t stay healthy for a full season. Does Macdonald want to see what he can get out of him, or is he a potential trade bait as Seattle could be looking for help in other areas? 

With some moderate cap concerns and the addition of Byron Murphy II (who will play right away), the disappointing season by Dre Jones, and the questionable fit with Reed at this point his career does bring up more trade questions. Both players would allow Seattle to clear a sizable chunk of cap space. It’s also important to remember that next year’s draft should be absolutely loaded as the last of the Covid holdovers, as well as a potentially historic defensive line draft, much like what we saw this year with quarterbacks and wide receivers. 

Are all four of these players on the roster, and expected to play for the Seahawks in 2024? I’d be skeptical of that.