3 moves Seahawks need to make after the 2024 NFL Draft 

Seattle still has things to do.
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Be decisive with DK Metcalf

If the first two discussions were not divisive enough, this one should do the trick. What do you do with DK Metcalf?

I think most Seahawks fans hope that DK is a key player on the next Super Bowl run, but it’s not that simple. Metcalf is scheduled to make $24.5 million this season, and $29.5 million next year, before hitting free agency. With each passing day, wide receivers are getting massive extensions. Does Seattle feel that it is close enough to contention to take advantage of DK’s prime? Or could he be the ultimate trading chip for a regime that may want to build their team in a different image? 

This is no knock on DK. Despite the frustrating penalties, he is one of the most productive players in an extremely valuable position. The question is more based on the influx of talent at the position, plus the compensation. Seven wideouts went in the first round of last week’s draft, four in last years, six in 2022, five in 2021, and six in 2020. The position is becoming flooded with incredible, ready-to-play talent. When you look at the compensation that players like Tyreek Hill and A.J. Brown brought their former teams, you can see why DK’s name is coming up. 

The A.J. Brown trade feels like a fair comp for what Seattle could expect if they traded Metcalf. The Tennessee Titans received picks 18 and 101 in exchange. While this move has been panned due to Trylon Burks not being what Tennessee had hoped, there’s a world where the Titans could’ve ended up with Chris Olave or Christian Watson, and that deal is viewed very differently.

Teams like New England, Washington, Jacksonville, and Pittsburgh could all have a strong interest in DK. Does Seattle want to keep him, and likely have to extend him for over $30 million a year? Or do they want to be better set up for the future (with another deep WR class coming) at the expense of the future?

I’m a Seahawks fan, I want DK to retire as a Seahawk. I think DK will play this year in Seattle, but could 100 percent be on the trade block throughout and into the next draft. His trade value will never be higher than it is right now, however.  

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