New Seahawks jerseys spotted on social media would prove to be bussin'

There has been no confirmation that Seattle is getting new jerseys.
Christian Petersen/GettyImages

The Seattle Seahawks are not expected to get new jerseys in 2024, but one social media post might have leaked new away jerseys for Seattle. While there might be some doubt about the validity of the post, it should be noted that the social media handle that leaked the rumored jerseys, Antonio Brown's CTESPNNetwork, is seven for seven in leaking confirmed jersey changes this offseason. In other words, Seattle's jerseys could be changing.

Recently, Seattle's away uniform tops were white with dark blue numbers and emerald green around the numbers. The new shirts would be a lot more colorful. The numbers would be a brighter blue lined with emerald green and there would be blue and emerald green stripes around the next. The stripe that reads "Seahawks" near the shoulder would be replaced by a patch that says "Seattle Seahawks" surrounding an imprint of downtown Seattle.

Again, there has yet to be any confirmation that Seattle is getting new away jerseys this year, but Brown has a proven record this year. Maybe he is overreaching here, but one should hope he is not. The jerseys look pretty sweet.

Seattle Seahawks could be getting new away jerseys and they would be awesome

Twice last year Seattle wore throwback uniforms. These, of course, augmented jersey sales because new jerseys do that. Why not have new away jerseys in 2024? The NFL knows how to print money, of course, and one easy way is to create new jerseys for fans to buy that mimic the players.

One thing is for sure, if CTESPNNetwork is correct, the new Seahawks jerseys look a lot better than the new New York Giants uniforms that appear to be something the NHL's Montreal Canadiens would wear along with khaki pants.

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Again, while there is no confirmation Seattle will get new kits, the idea behind the above photo might at least give the team inspiration for something that should happen. Not that there is anything truly wrong with Seattle's current away jerseys but they pale in comparison to the new idea. You might want to set some money aside just in case there is a change.

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