NFC rival tipped to acquire troublesome Seahawks 'defensive end'

Seattle needs to likely keep all the pass rush help they can get, but one site believes one edge rusher could be shipped to an NFC rival.
Seattle Seahawks at Lumen Field
Seattle Seahawks at Lumen Field / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

The roster that 12s see with the Seattle Seahawks currently will change. Like every NFL team, Seattle has a bloated roster of nearly 90 players. This will need to be trimmed to 53 players before Week 1 of the 2024 season.

Seattle has a few thin positions where many of the players on the current two-deep depth chart are likely to stick around after roster cuts are made. This is true at inside linebacker where after the team's starters, there is a lot of unknown. Jon Rhattigan has been with the team for a couple of seasons but hasn't gotten many snaps on defense. He has been more of a special teamer.

At a potentially more important position, Seattle's edge rusher group should have two quality starters but then if either Uchenna Nwosu or Boye Mafe gets hurt, the defense could be in trouble. This is because second-year player Derick Hall did not prove he could do anything in his rookie season, and Darrell Taylor has been massively inconsistent in his first three seasons.

Eagles site believes Seahawks' Darrell Taylor could help Philadelphia at defensive end

Still, Taylor can at times get pressure on opposing quarterbacks. He had a career-high of 9.5 sacks in 2022, and he had 36 total pressures in 2021. Last year his play dipped a bit and he had just 5.5 sacks and the same amount of pressures even though he played in more snaps last year than the previous one.

In the NFL, however, a player who can chase down quarterbacks is going to find a home somewhere. Recently, a website that writes about the Philadelphia Eagles. Eagles Today, proposed an idea that the Eagles should be interested in trading for Taylor. The problem with the theory is that Eagles Today seems to not understand what position Taylor plays as they had him listed as a defensive end.

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Taylor should never be an end on any team because he has not proven capable of setting a hard edge against the run. According to Pro Football Focus (subscription required), Taylor has graded as poor against the run each year at the start of his career, and he has regularly ranked in the bottom of the league against the run. He is listed as being a defensive end in 2021, according to Pro Football Reference, but every 12 knows that Taylor is not an end but an outside linebacker.

According to ESPN, Taylor is listed on the depth chart in 2024 as a linebacker. The reason this is important to point out is that should the Eagles acquire Taylor he will not be a defensive end, though Eagles Today points out that the position is a weakness for Philadelphia. If the Eagles add Taylor and stick him at end, every Seahawks fan knows that opposing offenses will simply hand the ball off and have the running back run toward Taylor's side and that will crush the Eagles' defense.

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