One NFL expert speaks the obvious for Seahawks' Super Bowl hopes next season

Many changes in Seattle are needed.

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Most 12s who stay highly tuned to their favorite team can probably guess what the team needs. And no, I do not mean a new quarterback. Thinking that is just a knee-jerk reaction and had Seattle replaced Geno Smith before 2023 the team would have been no better and very likely worse. After all, Smith led the league in game-winning drives (5) this past season.

The issue was that Seattle's defense, especially the tackling and run defense, was awful. Couple that with the blocking that Smith and his running backs received along the interior of the offensive line and it is easy to see what issues Seattle most needs to address this offseason. The team must get better at defensive tackle and must improve at guard and center along the O-line.

There could be issues at tight end, safety, and linebacker as well because Seattle has a lot of players up for free agency this offseason, or, with the safety group, Seattle needs to make roster cuts to create cap room in order to bring in free agents that might fix the problems along the defensive and offensive lines.

What are the Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl hopes in 2024?

So when Bleacher Report's Gary Davenport produces an article with a cumbersome title called "Blueprint for NFL's Pretenders to Become Super Bowl Contenders in 2024 Offseason" and points out that Seattle needs to address its front seven defensively and its offensive line then he is only picking low-hanging fruit. Every 12 knows that already. The issue is addressing those concerns does not get the Seahawks to Super Bowl contenders but only puts them back in the potential playoff picture.

Part of the issue is Davenport points out one player who might help Seattle's front seven defensively be better as Darrell Taylor. The article says, "Restricted free agent Darrell Taylor could be an in-house option on the edge..." Well, no. Taylor has already been playing for Seattle for three seasons and we know he is atrocious in run defense and is extremely inconsistent in his pass rush production.

In reality, Taylor is one of the players the Seahawks need to let go because he is only a third-down player on obvious passing downs and not a consistent one at that. The hope is that with Uchenna Nwosu returning from a pec injury that cut his 2023 season short, the continued growth of Boye Mafe, and hopefully a year of maturation for 2023 draft pick Derick Hall the edge rusher group will mostly be OK, though Seattle still needs to find talent in the 2024 draft. But Taylor? He needs to go.

Besides, while improving the offensive and defensive lines is a must to make the team decent, the real aspect that is going to make the Seahawks potentially Super Bowl contenders is schematic changes. No matter who Seattle signs in free agency or take in the draft, no change Seattle will make this offseason is more important than the addition of head coach Mike Macdonald. He alone should make the defense better.

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