NFL insider names the best landing spot for Jamal Adams, and it's a bit of a surprise

Does a return to Seattle make sense?
Seattle Seahawks, Jamal Adams
Seattle Seahawks, Jamal Adams / Michael Owens/GettyImages

Back when the Seattle Seahawks traded for former All-Pro safety Jamal Adams in 2020, they figured they'd be getting the cornerstone of their defense for several years to come. After all, Adams had elevated himself to arguably the league's best overall safety.

In his first season with the team, Adams broke the franchise record for sacks in a season by a defensive back with 9.5, also setting his career high. But, in the next three years, he failed to tally a single sack as injuries plagued him and his body became less dependable.

His lack of production due to injury is one of the main reasons why he is still available as a free agent, right now, and some are wondering if he'll get a call before NFL training camps open up.

In one of his latest columns, Sports Illustrated's Albert Breer answered a boatload of questions submitted by fans. One of those questions had to do with Adams and fellow free agent safety Justin Simmons, and where they might play next.

Re-signing with the Seahawks could help Jamal Adams rejuvenate his career

When it came to Adams, this is what the NFL insider had to say:

"As for Adams, at this point in his career, I think you’re really looking at him as much as a linebacker as you are a safety. Traditionally, those sorts of hybrids fit in well with the New England and Baltimore systems. The problem is the Patriots have a boatload of guys like that, and the Ravens have Kyle Hamilton in that sort of role. The Chargers, with Jesse Minter running the defense, have Derwin James.

So digging through all this, I almost feel like the best play might be to return to Seattle and play under Mike Macdonald, who was raised a Raven."

The Mike Macdonald aspect of this all might be the secret sauce. Regardless of whether or not Adams would end up starting or play a hybrid/reserve role, Macdonald would find a way to get him on the field plenty. So long as Adams was healthy, there's no way Macdonald could ignore the potential Adams still has, even with the injury liability.

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If Macdonald deployed Adams as one of those free-range type linebacker/nickel players in various situations, he could wreak havoc for the Seahawks' defense. Macdonald has been one of the best defensive minds in football for the last few years, and if anyone can help Adams get the most out of the tail end of his career, it's him.

Bringing Adams back on a team-friendly deal with incentives seems to be the best for both sides, at this point. Now, let's see them get it done.

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