Nightmare scenario for Seahawks disrespectful to Geno Smith and Sam Howell

One site posted what they thought each team's nightmare scenario would be in 2024.
Sam Howell of the Seattle Seahawks
Sam Howell of the Seattle Seahawks / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

To many national pundits, and even to some 12s, the Seattle Seahawks do not have a good quarterback. This is the case even though Geno Smith has been at least in the top half of the NFL in total QBR the last two seasons. Backup Sam Howell was a full-time starter for the Washington Commanders last year and threw 21 touchdown passes.

Some teams are a lot worse not having a quarterback like Smith or Howell. Seattle having both means should something happen to Smith, there is quality behind him. Plus, both quarterbacks should be even better under the direction of new offensive coordinator Ryan Grubb.

Some people just won't buy that, though. No matter what anyone says or what statistics might prove, Seattle has bad quarterbacks now and no clear path to getting better in the future. This is untrue, but people will believe what they want to believe.

Seattle Seahawks quarterbacks simply get no respect

The expectation should be that Smith, a quarterback who led the NFC in touchdown passes and the NFL in completion percentage in 2022 and then led the league in game-winning drives and fourth quarter comebacks in 2023, is more productive and more efficient because of the play-calling of Grubb. He is signed through 2025, as is Howell. Seattle should be set at quarterback for at least the next two years.

Bleacher Report's Brad Gagnon seems to hate that idea, though. In his recent article about nightmare scenarios for each team in the league, Gagnon writes of the Seahawks, "(The Seahawks) get no clarity at quarterback but again post a decent record and have no obvious path at that critical position."

The issue with what Gagnon writes is that Seattle doesn't think they need to be more clear. General manager John Schneider likes what Geno Smith has done the last two seasons and believes Sam Howell is a valuable backup. He expects both to succeed. There is no need for change in Seattle, and Smith did lead the team to the playoffs in 2022. The team around the quarterbacks has not been overly good.

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One of the reasons Seattle has posted a "decent record" the last couple of seasons is because of Smith; he hasn't been the reason the team has done worse than expected. He is 33 years old and will turn 34 during the 2024 season, so maybe he won't be the quarterback in four years, but if he improves as expected because of better offensive coaching and the team is better because of an improved defense, there doesn't need to be a change of quarterback in Seattle.

If there is then Sam Howell likely takes over. He is only entering his third season. With a better offensive line than the Swiss cheese line he played behind in Washington in 2023, Howell could be good, too. Whoever starts the next two seasons for the Seahawks at quarterback, the position should not be a concern.

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