There is no solving the riddle of the Seattle Seahawks this season

The loss to Dallas provides a perfect illustration of this enigma

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It hasn't been very easy to figure out this edition of the Seattle Seahawks. I mean, if the coaches can't do it, how are the 12s supposed to make heads or tails of this team? As it turns out, there was a lot of reason to expect Seattle would win in Dallas.

I meant to write this article the day before the Seahawks-Cowboys game. As happens all too often, real life got in the way. It doesn't just happen to you, ya know. Life intervenes to internationally famous writers, too (one guy in Iceland commented on one of my articles back in 2018). Happily, I can still write most of what I had planned, anyway. I'm not about to let the fact the Hawks lost change my prediction of a Seattle win in Dallas.

Yeah, I get it. You're used to people backtracking and saying they never said any such thing. You've probably been following the political scene too long. Take a breather, and come back to the Hawks. Here at 12thManRising, we own up to our silliness. Heck, I rarely pass up a chance to mention how great I thought Eddie Lacy was going to be. For now, I'll build my case to prove that the Seahawks should have defeated the Cowboys. Or at least, show that it wasn't just a fan's pie-in-the-sky opinion That's right, 12s; we're about to get mathy. Again.

The Seattle Seahawks had all the math on their side. Well, a lot of it

Just to reiterate, I predicted on our weekly podcast that the Seahawks would beat the Cowboys. I didn't go into as much detail as I'm about to here, because I feared all seven of our listeners would jump over to an old episode of Night Vale. I also predicted Seattle would prevail on their second straight Thursday night game in my full-season prediction. Hey, give me some credit. I expected the Hawks to be 6-5 going into the game, even if they took a different route to get there. Those predictions, and specifically the Dallas game, are the reason we need to delve into the numbers.

Before the season started, I simply expected the Cowboys wouldn't post quite as good a record as they have. Even though I predicted the Seahawks record correctly, I thought they'd have shown more consistency. While I expected them to lose both games, I certainly didn't foresee blowout losses to the Ravens and Niners. But we'll set that aside for now. Let's look a bit more closely at the Cowboys, and that 8-3 record they sported coming into this contest.