Offseason storylines Seahawks fans are already sick of hearing about

These kinds of storylines make 12s wish the offseason was done already.
Seattle Seahawks
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Seattle Seahawks fans are in the midst of no man's land. There is no practice happening, and we are still about three months away from the 2024 season beginning. Rookies won't show up to start training camp until July 17.

At least that means the offseason is almost done. We can be done with certain storylines. This has been a different kind of offseason for the team than any since 2010, however.

The team has almost an entirely new coaching staff, including new head coach Mike Macdonald, and the roster has changed over quite a bit. Bobby Wagner, for example, has left the team for a second time. Here are some storylines that will soon be ending, thankfully.

No. 1 - Will the Seattle Seahawks have a quarterback battle in training camp?

This one can be put to bed quickly. Geno Smith is going to be QB1 until he shows he can no longer do the job. That means going into real games before there is an hint that backup Sam Howell might take over for Smith. While the coaching staff is new to both Smith and Howell, Smith has a bit longer run of success in the NFL than Howell.

Plus, and this is extremely important, Smith has a much better rapport with Seattle's receiving trio of DK Metcalf, Tyler Lockett, and Jaxon Smith-Njigba. Having a history of working together during high-stress moments means there is more of a built-in trust with Smith than Howell. Not that Howell is a bad quarterback, but he hasn't been as good as Smith was in the last two seasons.

This storyline could be completely different in 2025 when Seattle has a decision to make about whether to pay Smith or not. Next offseason, Smith could be released which would save the Seahawks $25 million. If QB1 plays well in 2024, though, there is no reason to move on from him next offseason.

No. 2 - Will DK Metcalf or Tyler Lockett be traded?

Speaking of the receivers, websites everywhere have been suggesting that Seattle should move on from Metcalf or Lockett in order for Seattle to save some cap room. Isn't that nice of those sites to think of the Seahawks' worries? In reality, those sites seemingly no little about how Seattle does business so they can forget about Metcalf or Lockett leaving the team.

Metcalf and Lockett are both currently signed through 2025. Both are expensive, but they also are getting paid the going rate for what high-end wide receivers make in the NFL currently. There is a chance, as with Geno Smith, that the Seahawks decide to move on from Lockett next year to save some money, but that decision is a year away.

The question about the 26-year-old Metcalf isn't whether to move on from him next offseason but if the team needs to go ahead and work out an extension with him before he has any chance to hit free agency in 2026. Metcalf is the Seahawks' best receiver and he is likely to stay that way for another four seasons or more.

No. 3 - Will the Seahawks bring back Jamal Adams?

Doesn't it feel as if Seattle was going to bring Adams back they already would have? If Adams returns, he apparently would return more as an edge rusher than a safety. He isn't big and he gets injured far too much, but playing closer to the line of scrimmage as a linebacker would at least augment his strengths.

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Plus, if there is any NFL coach who can find the proper way to use Adams' unique skills then that is likely Mike Macdonald. The issue is would Adams taking up a roster spot be worth it? Can he stay healthy enough and contribute enough to earn his place?

The guess here is that any talk of Adams returning is only offseason silliness. He probably will win up on another team elsewhere. He also will probably get hurt early in the season.

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