One NFC rival site simply will not leave Seahawks receiver Tyler Lockett alone

Lockett restructured his deal this offseason.
Nic Antaya/GettyImages

Seahawks wide receiver Tyler Lockett doesn't want to play anywhere else other than Seattle. He proved that once again this offseason when he reworked his contract and for all intents and purposes turned away a guaranteed $4 million. His reworked deal now seems so frontloaded that keeping him in Seattle in 2025 would be financially problematic.

Before his deal was restructured, Lockett was a potential cut candidate or could possibly be involved in a trade. The team needed to create cap room and moving on from Lockett would have opened a chunk of cap space. Instead, Lockett and the team agreed to have the receiver get paid about $20 million in 2024, but he has no guaranteed salary in 2025 and the team would save $17 million by releasing him.

After the deal was done, Lockett said he did not want to read any more articles about the potential of him getting traded. According to Seattle Times reporter Bob Condotta, Lockett said, "Seattle is home." Many rival NFC sites, however, appear to know what Lockett said and are just ignoring it. The receiver can help their team and the illogical idea of Lockett being traded can go out the proverbial window.

No, the Seahawks will not be trading Tyler Lockett to the Detroit Lions

To be fair, there is nothing wrong with wanting Lockett on one's team. He is a good player and a great person. Other sites might not think too much about how a trade of Lockett would currently hurt the Seahawks financially (trading Lockett before June 1 would cost Seattle negative-$8,895,000 in cap room) because those sites only care about their own teams. Still, knowing how Seattle's cap would be affected might keep sites from entertaining a Lockett trade; a trade is not going to happen.

Detroit Lions site, Sidelion Report, has been one of several recent sites throwing out the idea of a Lockett move. Lockett in Detroit makes a ton of sense as he would be a great fit in the Lions' offense. But what doesn't make sense is that in the write-up Sidelion Report says this: "The (restructure) will ostensibly keep (Lockett) on the (Seahawks) in 2024, and most likely in 2025 too."

Lockett was already set to be on Seattle's roster in 2025 so reworking his deal does not necessarily affect that. What does is the way the deal was redone where Lockett's cap hit goes from $18,895,000 this coming year to $30,895,000 in 2025. The Lions could at least afford that number in 2025, but there is no way Seattle reworks Lockett's deal only to trade the fan favorite in the same offseason.

Lockett does not want people to keep posting articles but sites will still run with the idea of trying to trade for Lockett. He won't be going anywhere this offseason, however. Come Week 1, Tyler Lockett is going to be starting for the Seattle Seahawks.

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