Pete Carroll and Bill Belichick: Seahawks clearly have the better coach

Seattle and New England both might be looking for new coaches in 2024.
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A deeper look at just how awful Belichick really is

By awful, I mean his record, not him as a person. Although he doesn't exactly engender warm and fuzzy feelings, does he? Before winning the lottery with the selection of Brady, Belichick coached for five years in Cleveland. He managed one winning season, 11-5 in 1994.

Lord knows it's hard to win there, but records of 6-10, 7-9, 7-9, and 5-11 outside of that one miracle season don't instill a lot of confidence. For the record, he had Bernie Kosar and Vinnie Testaverde for the majority of those games. Not a good draw, but are they worse than Boomer and Bledsoe? Hardly.

Belichiks's record as the Patriot's head coach with Brady out of the lineup - but still on the squad, either due to injury or not remembering to inflate the football - is 13-8. That's pretty good, but it isn't exactly the .754 winning percentage he enjoyed with Brady. Since Brady left, the Patriots have gone 7-9, 10-7, 8-9, and are now 4-12. That gives Belichick the completely unremarkable record of 78-89. Without Brady, he's had three winning seasons and seven losing seasons. This guy is a Hall of Fame coach, really?

As I wrote about six James Joyce novels ago, I'm still on the fence about Pete Carroll. One of the biggest issues is that you better be sure his replacement is better. Or maybe the Seahawks could make a blockbuster deal for the best coach in their history. I know this much, though. At least there's reason to debate the decision in Seattle. In New England there cannot be any serious consideration to keep the lifelong underachiever, Bill Belichick.

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