For Pete's Sake: 5 critical observations from the Seahawks Week 9 blowout loss

  • Geno Smith has a rough day with not much help from the offensive line
  • What's going on with DK Metcalf?
  • Lamar Jackson almost leaves the game without being touched by Seattle's defense
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DK Metcalf continues not to be a factor in games this season

The rise of rookies Jake Bobo and Jaxon Smith-Njigba has been a sight to see this season and comes at the perfect time to give more help to the others who have carried the offense on their backs in recent years.

But with that good news comes the up-and-down performance of DK Metcalf, who had been Geno Smith's primary and most reliable target since he arrived in Seattle.

It's not a problem that rests on the shoulders of the quarterback alone, as he has often targeted Metcalf over the last three games. But the receiver is missing more than ever this season, recording 28/50 receptions and sitting at a career-low catch percentage through just seven games.

He had a great catch and run in Sunday's game in the second quarter that totaled 50 yards, which inevitably helped lead the offense in field goal range for their only points scored of the day. The problem was that it was Metcalf's only reception in the game, going 1/4 when targeted on Sunday.

Hopefully, it was just a blip in the schedule because it's not like playing the Ravens on the road was expected to be easy. It wasn't. As one of the best teams in the AFC, it was highly anticipated that the Seahawks may have a tough going, and that's precisely what happened.

However, getting Metcalf more involved moving forward will up the offense's chance of making big plays. Although JSN and Bobo have been great, putting all that pressure on two rookie receivers to carry the weight of the offense will only do more harm than good. Metcalf needs to be more involved, or we will continue to see struggles offensively.