For Pete's Sake: 5 critical observations from the Seahawks Week 9 blowout loss

  • Geno Smith has a rough day with not much help from the offensive line
  • What's going on with DK Metcalf?
  • Lamar Jackson almost leaves the game without being touched by Seattle's defense
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Lamar Jackson had a nearly untouchable day, courtesy of Seahawks' absent pass rush

Playing against a quarterback phenom like Lamar Jackson is never going to be an easy game for even the best defenses in the NFL. The former league MVP possesses an uncommon trait to continue almost any play with his legs, an aspect of football that has grown in popularity in recent years.

Because of that, Seattle's defense barely laid a fingernail on Jackon throughout four quarters. They landed just one sack on him but brought basically no pressure to him all day, with not one player recording a hit on the quarterback despite the Ravens' offense spending 40 minutes on the field.

The absence of pressure on a mobile quarterback allows them to run all over you, literally and figuratively, and will continue to be a significant factor in upcoming games, which could easily lead to more devastating losses.

With teams like Dallas, Philadelphia, and San Francisco left on the schedule, prioritizing improving the pass rush will need to be amped up. Although they're not all mobile in the same way that Jackson is, they are quarterbacks who stumble when pressured, a factor that the Seahawks can rely on and could result in some much-needed turnovers by the defense.

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