For Pete's Sake: 5 critical observations from Seahawks Thanksgiving blow-out loss

  • The 49ers out-talent the Seahawks, and it showed
  • Kenneth Walker III was missed again
  • Turnovers continue to haunt this team
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While chowing down on some good food with our family and friends, the hope was to see at least one good game after the first two on the docket fell flat. That left all the pressure on the 49ers visiting the Seattle Seahawks to deliver what the other games couldn't, but unfortunately, it went precisely as suspected to put us in a new food coma.

The Week 12 matchup was the start of a brutal four-game stretch in Seattle's schedule, facing the 49ers twice in the time, plus the Cowboys and Eagles as well. Because they've fared well at home this season, it felt like this game was their best shot at taking home an unexpected win against the team atop the division, but it was a feat unable to be conquered.

The silver lining to take away from this disappointing loss is that the Seahawks were not believed to come out as the victors of this game, and fortunately, they are still one of the seven teams currently projected to make the playoffs.

Although the next three games could cause some more misery and drastically change the outlook of the season, let's take this as a small victory for the moment and just enjoy it for what it is.

A tough matchup for the Seattle Seahawks was exactly that - tough

There's a reason the 49ers are the division leaders and continue to be a team slated as Super Bowl favorites.

There's a reason that a team loaded on both sides of the ball can maintain success at a high level the way San Francisco has in recent years.

And there's a reason the Seahawks were unable to keep up or slow down this high-powered team, but that shouldn't be completely discouraging to Seattle fans.

This was always going to be a challenging game, no matter the result. The 49ers have been a powerhouse team recently, hence why they represented the NFC in the Super Bowl just a few years ago. The Seahawks are not at that level yet, and that's okay.

On top of that, the season isn't over now just because they lost in Week 12. Sure, they now hold the 7th seed in the NFC playoff picture, but that's better than being booted out entirely. There's still a path to keep that position, especially in the last three weeks of the season, so don't give up hope yet just because it's not all sunshine and roses right now.