For Pete's Sake: 5 critical observations from the Seahawks Week 8 win

  • The resurgence of Tyler Lockett
  • Geno Smith needs to get a better grip
  • Where in the world is pass rusher Myles Garrett?
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Geno Smith's inconsistency needs to become less consistent

A concerning part of the Seahawks' success this season continues to surround the consistent inconsistency of Geno Smith. It's not anything new per se, but the turnovers and questionable decisions seem to come at the most inopportune times, which could put the team in much worse situations against tougher opponents in the weeks ahead.

The two interceptions against the Browns resulted in just three points scored, but the near-fumble that Smith was able to recover and a fortunately avoided third interception didn't provide much confidence in the quarterback moving on to next week.

Besides the usual pressure that any quarterback or team is under when the team is winning, there's more pressure on Smith and the Seahawks now that they have become the leaders of the NFC West. In order to keep their spot at the top, they'll have to clean up a lot of their game, which starts with Smith.

Turnovers are bound to happen in any game by any quarterback; it's inevitable. But Smith has now thrown five picks in the last five games and is just five shy from his 2022 season total of 11. That won't cut it against teams with better defenses in the coming weeks.

The emphasis on ball security needs to continue this week and isn't limited to just Smith. He needs to be prioritized, though, because he is the quarterback and is committing the most turnovers. And that simply will not cut it in the remaining nine games.