For Pete's Sake: 5 critical observations from the Seahawks Week 8 win

  • The resurgence of Tyler Lockett
  • Geno Smith needs to get a better grip
  • Where in the world is pass rusher Myles Garrett?
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Ball security continues to rear its ugly head

Much like the issues of turnovers last week, the Seahawks could not get out of their own way this week either.

Other than the two interceptions thrown by Smith, which was almost three, the quarterback was lucky to have recovered his own fumble as well. Fortunately, the first pick didn't lead to any points, as it occurred with just 22 seconds remaining until halftime.

But that fate changed the second time around, as Cleveland was able to make a field goal to put them ahead near the end of the third quarter. Considering it took the Seahawks until almost the end of the fourth to finally get more points, the second turnover could have been far more disastrous than it was.

Although they were still able to get the win despite the picks and points that came from them, the pattern of turnovers is becoming more problematic. The season is only going to get more challenging as the weeks go on, even more so now that they're at the top of their division. So, committing multiple turnovers in every game will not bode well in adding more wins the rest of the year.

Smith will need to tighten up with his decision-making and emphasize ball security even more this week as they prepare to take on the 6-2 Ravens in Baltimore next week.

There is still a lot of season left, and the path to the playoffs is becoming clearer; it would be an absolute shame if turnovers were a primary reason for detouring their way there.