For Pete's Sake: 5 critical observations from Seattle Seahawks Week 7 victory

  • Other receivers step up with no DK
  • The defense was good again
  • How did Geno do?
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Ball security needs to be a point of emphasis after 3 more turnovers

Other than a weak effort against Cincinnati last week, a big reason for their struggles, which led to the loss, was costly turnovers, especially by the hands of Geno Smith. Although the quarterback tightened up a bit this week, limiting it to just one interception, the rest of the team created what could have been a massive setback but fortunately wasn't, with two lost fumbles.

The first came late in the first quarter when DeeJay Dallas was out as the punt returner after Seattle's defense forced a three and out. The running back ran it back for four yards but then proceeded to fumble the ball, allowing the Cardinals to recover it not far out of the red zone.

Luckily, the defense did their job and forced another punt, bailing Dallas out of a potential momentum-swinging mistake.

The lack of ball security didn't stop there, though. After throwing an interception on their second series after halftime, Smith lost a fumble on the next drive, putting Arizona in a great position to score once again. But just like the fortunate fate given to Dallas, they could not do anything with the turnover, as Matt Prater uncharacteristically missed a 31-yard field goal.

They weren't that lucky last week, which was a welcomed change. However, that won't be the norm for the remainder of the season, meaning they will need to emphasize the importance of ball security before it costs them in bigger games.